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Our team

Our team is very lively, very committed and recognized for its friendliness and cordiality. As you can see in the photos above, joy is also part of our spirit. They are several moments of union and fraternization. Here we are to welcome you and show you the beauties of our region of Aparados da Serra! Welcome and feel at home. Below more photos of the team!

Daniel Gigante

Biologist by training decided to leave aside the big city bustle to be able to live with the tranquility of Praia Grande. It has training in mountaineering and also for rescue in difficult to access locations. He has long worked with environmental awareness projects with children. Today prefer to do this another way to work, and guide Aparados.

Today he prefers to do this work in another way, being a guide to Aparados da Serra and helping to preserve this beautiful natural environment. He has been with us since November 2011.

The first photo, from left to right: with the team of guides (scarf on the head) and to the side, removing a snake from the pousada. After all, Daniel is the number one rescuer of "disoriented" animals.

Lucas Silveira

Climber for over 20 years in love with canyons and guide with extensive experience in the field, Luca Silveira is responsible for the activities of the Sharp Stone! It was also the founder of ATV operation. Always liked motorcycles, and see this activity a chance to disabled people, wheelchair users,

elderly, among others, unable to reach in places and landscapes that never could.

In pictures: the right to the director Ana Aveline in the project Knowing to preserve, in the local school; and up in the ATV ride to the canyon Malacara fund.

Jean Perrot

Jean Pierre, our civil engineer, director, founder of the Sharp Stone and above all master guide!

Among the adventure activities, its major specialty is water activities. It's only raining for two days that your eyes begin to glow in anticipation of the river rising and provide radical descents!

In the wildlife watching part, is responsible for the attraction of mammals, especially the felines, his passion.

Another important function of Jean is to coordinate and bake our famous festive Xixo, which we offer in the packages, as in the photo beside on Junina Night.
In the photo above with the gurizada after operating the children's toboggan.

Ana Aveline

Idea of ​​the Refuge, Ana is responsible for the nocturnal activities, such as the luau, the slide show and the tracks with "laternas". It also coordinates the pedagogical project we have with schools and in these, acts as a guide.
She is the official storyteller at the inn. Take advantage of the nightly events to always tell "your experience", what you have seen, lived and learned since 1997 in the region of Aparados da Serra.

One of the moments that he likes is next to the fire of the luau speaking its words on "the fire". He always says, "If we do not tell the history of this place, who will tell?"

In the photos above and to the side, in the vestibule of the New Year's Eve ceremony to deliver the candles, along with Luca and Igor and doing a workshop of "laternas" with the children.

Gustavo Paschoal

7 years ago with us, Gustavo is the guy who knows everything about the Refuge. From the top of his 1,92 Gustavo wins by sympathy! Our manager, besides coordinating the day-to-day lodging, also guides the trails around the inn with great ease, is passionate about sustainability projects, with special passion for the garden and compost.

In the photos above and to the side, giving a straw in one of our musical nights, with the musician Giovani Oliveira in the background and in the other, as Earthman in our ceremony of the 4 elements in the New Year!

Kátia da Rosa Pereira

Kátia is our assistant manager and has been with us since 2012, but she had already worked on the Sharp Rock at the beginning of the inn in 2003. Very creative and extremely committed, she invents most of the costumes and adornments that the team uses at parties. He also graces the inn and loves to tinker in the garden, tending the beds and renovating them.

In the photo above, in the carnival package, along with Geisa, our cook and next door, at the 12-year anniversary party of the Sharp Stone as a witch, with a black hat, next to Guilherme, Ana and a certain Monster of the Garden, that surrounds our area.

Guilherme Gerber

Guilherme is four years with us. It operates in the reception and in the restaurant mainly. It will be one of the first faces that guests will meet when arriving here. Always cheerful, with a smile on your face and ready for a joke, it's a great "Welcome Card" from the Sharp Rock!

At the same time, any problem in the unit is it will arrive to solve.

In the photo above, next to the buffet in one of our festive dinners next to Katia. And next door, in the Junina Night, is the second country from right to left, between Jean and Sergio.

Jonas de Jesus Silvas

Jonah of Jesus is a very dear guide in the history of Sharp Rock. He was part of our team in the early years of the company, from 2003-2004, and after more than 10 years working with a photographer in Torres, among other functions, he returned to Praia Grande and our house at the end of 2015, to everyone's happiness.

Super calm and dedicated, he is passionate about the trails of Aparados da Serra, where he transmits his love and knowledge to the guests.

Eduardo Nascimento

Eduardo, or Du for the intimates, is a driver of ecotourism and adventure tourism. A native of Pindamonhangaba (SP), he has worked some vacation seasons with us in previous years and since January 2016 he has been part of the fixed framework of Pedra Afiada.

A guy relax, well with life, but always ready for a more radical adventure. He loves to shoot the ziplines, being one of the most assiduous instructors in this activity.

Our team

* Gustavo Paschoal - Manager
* Kathy Rose - Sub-manager
* Ana Aveline - Partner-director and journalist
* Jean Perrot - Managing Director and engineer
* William Gerber - Receptionist
* Andressa Moura - Reservations Center Attendant - Shift: Afternoon
* Aline Rosso - Attendant
* Luiz Paulo Zimmer - Cook buffet and master brewer
* Cleusa Schardosim - Resp.Breakfast
* Sergio Mazzini - Kitchen Helper
* Daniel Gigante - Biologist and Ecotourism Guide
* Jonas de Jesus Silva - Ecotourism Conductor
* Eduardo Nascimento - Adventure tourism conductor
* Bernard Perrot - Guide-Mirim and safety climbing wall
* Luca Silveira - Guide and Responsible Activities sector
* Janet Monteiro - Chambermaid
* Tassiane da Silva - Chambermaid
* Alexandra Magnus - Chambermaid
* Genoir Alfonso de Oliveira - Outdoor Area (garden maintenance,...)
The first photos of this page are a bit of integration moments, relaxation of our team over the years, moments of work and training. Working in a place like ours can be stressful as well and always challenging, but we try to stay always in high spirits and thus infect our guests. The beauty of the place helps!

Are you interested in joining our team? Send your resume to rh@pedraafiada.com.br