Booking Policy

Common Rules:

1. Payment method:

The. When booking 2 or more nights, 50% bank deposit or through Mastercard, Diners and Visa cards; 5% discount for full deposit.

B. When booking only 1 night, when released, 100% guarantee through bank deposit or the cards mentioned above;

ç. In Packages of 3 or more days: In up to 3 equal Xs without interest, being entered through bank deposit. And the other 2 installments on the Visa, Mastercard or Diners credit card. Cash (full deposit), 10% discount. Inform in the reservation form, in the Special Request field.

d. At check-in, final 50% must be paid in cash or on Visa, Mastercard, Diners and Maestro cards;

and. At check-out, payment of extras only;

2. Reservation cancellation:

A. Cancellations must be requested by e-mail and a 10% administrative fee will be charged. The refund and rescheduling of the accommodation will follow the order below:

The. From 30 to 16 days before the check-in date: return of deposit or rescheduling of the date (according to the availability of spaces at the inn). If the deposit has been paid by credit card, in addition to the administrative fee, the 5% card fee will be charged;

B. From 15 to 10 days before lodging:

i. Low season period, in midweek - the amount is credit for another date that the guest can choose. No transfer fee is charged, only the eventual price difference between one period and another;

ii. Medium and high season (all weekends, holidays, vacations, special or promotional packages) - 50% deposit. If the deposit has been paid by credit card, the refund will be charged at a rate of 5%.

iii. Less than 10 days of accommodation - 100% deposit retention;

B. The payment of the final 50% is made at the entrance to the inn. If there is a negative, it will not be possible to enter the guest in his room;

C. At check-in (entrance to the inn) a credit card will be requested as a guarantee of the extra expenses;

D. The cancellation of the stay during the stay, for any reason, WILL NOT GIVE RIGHT TO ANY KIND OF REFUND, REFUND OR CREDIT IN NEW DAYS, causing the total loss of the amount paid for the package or daily (s). The extra consumption must be paid in full and regardless of accommodation.

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