Discover the corners of the Refuge!

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The Pedra Afiada Ecological Refuge is a private area of conservation of the natural environment next to the Serra Geral National Park.

Our 32 hectares of land serve as shelter for hundreds of species of the Atlantic Forest Biome, which we are cataloging.

For decades, this site has been explored and lots of noble wood removed from our canyon, giving way to pastures and scaring wildlife.

Today we are reverting, with much work and dedication, this picture.

Your participation is very important for the continuity of our Refuge.

Know here a little of what you will see in loco!

1. Reception and Bistrô Pedra Afiadabr
2. Colibri Bungalow;
3. Family Hut;
4. Cabana da Mata;
5. Saíra-Preciosa hut;
6. Chípana Saí Azul;
7. Cliff Chalet;
8. Casarão Jaguarundi;
9. Contemplator;
10. Tirolesa;
11. Luau area;
12. Start track upper circuit;
13. Parking;
14. House of the team;
15. Paiol of quadricycles;
16. Sauna and network;
17. Mini-arvorismo infantil;
18. Deck of the barbecue;
19. SPA Sara & Cura;
20. Vegetable garden and compost;
21. Solar collector;
22. Access to the river;
23. Track top circuit;
24. Other tracks; (only with authorized guide)

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