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Aparados da Serra is the currency of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. All the upper part of the canyons is the Gaucho State and all guts below 100 meters from the top is already only Santa Catarina.
The two base cities to know the region are Cambará do Sul, at the top and Praia Grande at the bottom.
The Sharp Stone Ecological Refuge (REPA) for staying inside the Malacara canyon is located in the municipality of Praia Grande, SC.
The best access paths are:

1) For those coming from Florianópolis: It is approximately 300 km away via BR-101 southbound. After Sombrio take care as there are 21 kms to the viaduct that marks the entrance on our road SC-450. You should not go over it, but on the right side of it that gives access to our road. Be careful and use the car marker to avoid mistakes, because with the works on the road, signs are still missing. Once taking the SC-450, there are 20 kilometers of asphalt to our city.

2) For those who come from Porto Alegre: 220 kms by BR-101 direction north. After RS-SC, it is approximately 7 kms to the viaduct over access to São João do Sul and Praia Grande (SC-450). You should pick up the shoulder when you see a large aerial sign signaling the exit to these two cities. Then pass under this viaduct, and take the road ahead. It's already the SC-450, which will take us to our city.

3) Coming from the Rio Grande do Sul: Coming from Serra Gaúcha, the best route is via Rota do Sol, that is, in Tainhas, descend towards the Land of Sand and BR-101. Then get the BR-101, already duplicated, heading north as in description 2 above. Another option is the Serra do Faxinal. In this way are 40 ks of land, being 16 kms of inbred and extremely pebbly, but very beautiful, and only worth for those who are already going to enjoy and visit the Aparados da Serra PN, Itaimbézinho Canyon, on the way. If the day is rainy, with fog and dusk, avoid this road because there is no signaling. In this case, after descending every mountain and already in the coastal plain, you will take a small asphalted stretch, and at the first fork where you have several boards of inns and restaurants, you must take the left (dirt road to Vila Rosa) and follow ahead until you finish the road. There are signs indicating us.

In option 1 and 2, you will arrive in Praia Grande and face the corner of Ipiranga station and a pharmacy. Take this street, so go ahead and continue for about 1.3 km, until you reach a junction with several signposts of canyons and inns. You will see a sign of ours, indicating the right. Take the right and soon turn dirt road. Always move forward. After a small graveyard, turn right next and follow this road until it ends, when they will then pass through our portico. There is no mistake. There are signs of ours everywhere.

Important: Avoid asking for information from pedestrians and gas stations. Unfortunately we already had guests who ended up doing much bigger, unnecessary twists, for wrong information in the middle of the way. Any questions on the road, call us !!!

We are the guardians of the Malacara and we will be delighted to show you the beauties of our canyon! Welcome!

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