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Sustentability - Minimum impact - Refugio Ecológico Pedra Afiada - Praia Grande - Brazil

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Adventure Centre and Biodiversity

One of the objectives of the Green Sharp Stone Refuge is to be an extension of the Conservation Unit, as of course are your continued.We want to be an area where the fauna feel quiet in seeking food, for shelter, increasing the protected area of ​​the National Park.There are almost 15 years developing this project, which initially had to reforest the land (it was field used for livestock wintering), today we are proud to observe small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, and we are seeking to catalog all these living beings and we have noticed that every year more animals are circulating in the property.A great joy! You can also watch them! Be aware that you probably will be next to the beautiful animals. 

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Since buying our area, current 32 hectares, we care to minimize our environmental impact, and so, during construction and throughout our years of operation we have strived to be as sustainable as possible.We have the support of employees and guests to this.Some actions:

1. Solar collectors for heating all water used in the main building, the external units (cabins) and SPA.
2 - Trash - A major challenge. After all, all the garbage that is brought into the Malacara, has to be management and intended for us.So we developed a project called Trash Minimum seeking in trash separation, properly allocate the various materials:
• Cans and plastic are donated to institutions of our city (APAE and others) that sell and use the resource in their projects;
• Glass and earthenware - go to a call box Soca-soca, located in our Maintenance Shop, where all this glass (it's a lot because of bottles of wine and long neck) is crushed / ground and reused in our buildings, floors , maintenance as raw material for mortar;
• Organic waste - mainly from our Resto, the destination is our composter where we compost for reuse in the garden, orchard and garden beds;
• Cooking oil - make bar soap, which part is used by ourselves and elsewhere presented him employees;
3. Native forest reforestation - Until the 70s, the entire Atlantic forest more showy and trees with commercial value such as cedar, cinnamon, canjeranas, were removed from the area where we are.In the following decades, the ground already clearing was used for cattle and corn fields and cassava.Since 1999 when we assumed the place, started its reforestation planting more than 2,000 seedlings of native forest from a nursery Maquiné (RS).Today already recovered more than 80% of the area, attracting wildlife before vulnerable in the area, streams Dágua initially missing were emerging as wetlands, and the New Forest have let our summers far more fresh and environmentally balanced;
4. Water treatment - is through pit, sinkhole, aerobic and anaerobic filters and herringbone, as directed by IBAMA;
5. Socio-educational projects - We have a bi-annual project in schools in Praia Grande municipality called "Meet to Preserve".The classes of 7th and 8th grade are encouraged to discuss environmental issues in the city, region and globally and produce exhibitions, videos, music, interviews, from its conclusions.The winning class presents to the community and earn a trip to the National Park, and other activities in the Ecological Refuge Stone Sharp;
6. Works - On our architectural projects, prioritize environments with lots of windows to minimize the use of electricity, as well as tailor the plants to the unevenness of our land, not need to move it much, or remove rocks or dig.Most of the material used in construction and decorations are local and regional, valuing companies and coming artisans;
7. We do not have TV's in all the buildings of the Refuge, encouraging guests to interact with each other, and live in natural environments, and minimizing our use of electricity.The apartments, for staying near the bar, no fridge, only the distant huts restaurant also seeking to minimize the use of electricity (generated from the destruction of waterfalls);
8. We guide the guests and tourists, either on the tracks at the reception or in the apartments (through our booklet) to avoid wastage of food at meals, light waste, towels and other items and act consistent with where they are in.

How good it is to stay in places that care about minimal impact, which worry that our ecological footprint is as small as possible! Welcome to our Ecological Refuge and participate in initiatives!

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