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  • Resto Pedra Afiada

Structure and Comfort

The Grand Social Hall!

  • Salão Pedra Afiada
  • Muro escalada Pedra Afiada

The lounge is where it all happens!
Our reception, tour our shop, your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The outputs for the rides. is where are maps and satellite images of the region, our albums with pictures of activities, a mini-library with national, importandos and books in several languages. Also pictures with skins of animals killed by hunters (unfortunately this practice still remains), housing of animals found "mummified" (that's right!), The cutest sofazão the world (our exaggeration, of course, but this is almost!) As well in front of a huge fireplace, and our staff always willing and helpful, wanting to make you feel at home!

  • Salão com parede escalada
  • Guilherme
  • Salão social - panoramico

With right foot 8 feet tall, this Great Hall is located our indoor climbing wall. One of the most requested games for the children, but it serves the rappel training for adults too.
On the monitor, several videos of the region Aparados Serra and others with environmental themes are displayed. Serious Films produced by Fly Eyes, Luca Silveira, is a success! Has tubing, water slide, rise in fig tree, and lots of adventure taken by our staff and customers. You can also hire a video of these, asking for your booking!

  • Lojinha e monitor

Mini Canopy little cave and Climbing

  • Mini-arvorismo
  • Mini-arvorismo - Foto Germano Preichardt - 0705

In our garden, plus the slack-line, children (and adults) can play freely in our Mini Canopy (brand new in 2013). There are 11 challenges softly floor and fluffy grass underneath. Also has an outhouse with radical adventure slide, and underneath it a little cave climbing fully lined with crash pads, ie, that may fall will not hurt, can venture through the ceiling, the walls, circling around. We love children and prepare a new area especially for them!

  • Slack-line
  • Mini-arvorismo
  • Playground Pedra Afiada
  • Casinha de Brincadeiras crianças Pedra Afiada


  • Contemplador Pedra Afiada Foto Thiago Maio
  • Contemplador crianças

A nice space with a beautiful view. Perfect for enjoying the late afternoon the beholder has three floors where you can see the main building of the inn and the background the beautiful look of Malacara Canyon. Downstairs has a lounge for meetings very charming!

  • Contemplador Nascer do Sol foto Thiago Maio
  • Rapel contemplador
  • Contemplador e sala
  • Noite Estrelada Aparados da Serra - Germano Preichardt

Sauna and Stone Pool

  • Redário e sauna
  • Piscina da sauna (5)

Our sauna was based on a model that we have seen in the Andes, near the Urubamba River. It is a rustic system boiler burning. Therefore, it is dried. But how can we throw a water of the caldera, the place is more moist, but not enough to be a steam room.

You ask the front desk staff to turn it one hour before the horáiro you want to use. You can even define the best temperature for you is. We recommend around 50 ° C.

  • Sauna

Treatment to activate the circulation is to stay a maximum of 15 minutes in the sauna and then go to the rock pool (photo), with water from our mineral source or the shower and then back to sauna. After entering the pool for the third time, your body is completely relaxed and your circulation activated.

Also indicated use the sauna the return of wet tracks, like Rio do Boi, Malacara Pit, or rappelling, both to relax and to warm up. Joy is immediate!

  • Massagem - Foto Germano Preichardt - 0329
  • SPA champagne

Sim, temos massagista. Solicite na recepção!

Para quem prefere um SPA quentinho com hidrojatos e cromoterapia, informe-se AQUI.

Hammocks Place and Gardens

  • Novo deck
  • Fogueira no jardim

Our hammocks is right next to the area and Sauna is another relaxing place. With a pleasant shade, beautiful view, is a great place for a good chat with friends. Perfect for a mate.

  • Jardim frente REPA

In our garden, we designed several observatories, special seats and armchairs around the hostel. When you stroll through our area, you can stop and enjoy the birdsong, the sound of running water in the river, watching the butterflies or simply admire the different shades of green.

  • Redário (2)

Each season has a unique beauty, a different interaction with nature, as the unfolding of quaresmeiras, the heliconia or find nests of birds, bergamot spoon or guavas. Enjoy.

  • Restô jardim Preichardt

Riverbank Malacara

  • Rio Malacara
  • Brincando no rio Malacara

The privilege!

Having the bank of the river Malacara in our area is very special. Its water rises in the Serra Geral National Park and cross our lands smoothly most of the year. Clean, transparent, and mineral waters are an invitation to the bath and fun. A blessing skin, hair and spirit.

  • Banho de rio

Several small beaches stones are formed along the river and you can choose which is your preference. Some small rapids massaging the back, others are deeper pools. Children love to play in the summer. Bring sandals papete type to take advantage of better.

  • Quadra de Beach Volei Pedra Afiada
  • Poço Malacara Trilha