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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Choupana Saira-Preciosa Pedra Afiada

What is the best time to visit the area?

Well, our climate is subtropical. From November to March: Intense heat during the day and cool at night. Summer rains, late afternoon and night, keeps the level of rivers and waterfalls amenable to baths. From April to August, the south wind makes the weather very clean, dry and cold. Best time to view the canyons because the strong winds do not allow the fog to settle in the mountains. From September to November begins to heat up. Wind changes, the predominant being the northeast, bringing heat and humidity. Good time for the play in the rivers and tubing.
Temperature ranges in winter 0 ° C to 20 ° C in summer and 10 ° C to 28 ° C. Mist or fog are common phenomena every year.

It's cold?

Not so much at the top of the mountain, that because of around a thousand meters altitude is 6 ° C colder than at our altitude (100 above sea level).

It is advisable to bring children?

Children are welcome in our hostel. We encourage you to start early to have familiarity with trails, rivers and waterfalls. For them, the ideal are short tracks, not far from infrastructure. We have great options at this level around the Refuge and the National Park of Sierra Aparados own - top Itaimbezinho. For small well, bring a backpack to carry her father back. The backpack can stand up to 18 kgs, then depending on the child, you can use it until around 4 years of age. But also at this age he is already legal try walking a few excerpts.
Children under 5 years are complimentary in parents' apartment. We have social lounge climbing a wall where they love to play. We also have an outdoor area in a special mini-canopy for children (as a play-ground) where there is no need for instructor, they play freely, because it softly. In the surrounding area there are bridges, river and short trails, children usually love! On the zip lines and rappelling (extra activities), we have special equipment for them can also take advantage of vertical adventures.
And advise the kitchen to prepare special delicacies for our small guests.

What is the style of the inn?

Our Refuge was inspired by the American and ecolodges costariquenses, staying in or around National Parks and Protected Areas. Inns are unique with to enjoy the region's beauty services during the day to enjoy adventure activities, observation of flora and fauna, and whose principle is silent and quiet at night. Our evening activities are traquilas, luais with guitarist in an appropriate place, slide-show on the canyons at night trail. We do not encourage loud music, abuse of alcohol or drugs of any kind, nor do we have room for community use after hours of silence. Our office hours are from 8 guests to 23 hours. Although We have a beautiful structure, ARE NOT BOUTIQUE HOTEL.

But there is not Cambará South?

Not. The Refúgio Pedra Afiada is in the municipality of Praia Grande - SC, at the bottom of the canyons. Cambará do Sul (RS) is at the top of the mountain, a thousand meters of altitude landscape of fields and grassy hills, and Long Beach (SC) is the bottom, Atlantic forest and the walls of canyons visible from any part of the municipality . The Refuge is located at the altitude 100.'s Canyons (this great landform) function as the border between the two states. The advantage of Praia Grande is able to better monitor the haze, a constant phenomenon throughout the year, a result of the shock of a warmer and humid ahead with a colder. On rainy days, the canyons act as a funnel and most of the water flows by the walls and quickly raises the level of the rivers that cross our county, providing wonderful rafting descents, moreover, There are more waterfalls in Praia Grande for the practice of abseiling. But our biggest differentiator about Cambará South is able to be inside the lodge looking at those walls switch their color throughout the day, a single view!

As lunch works?

We have a Bistro, small restaurant serving specialties from noon to 16 pm, also open to the general public. The value of the dishes are part of the daily. Be sure to try!

How the activities work? Need to be scheduled?

We have a team of guides and proper equipment for the guest and / or visitor discover the wonderful region of the Sierra Aparados. We have options for rainy days, sunny days, days filled river, dry river, for children, seniors, athletes, beginners and experienced adventurers and also for that lover of the region would like to find places away from the crowd, the more local sought. Our area is a park of 32 hectares and many activities are done right here, hiking, quad biking, abseiling, zip lining, tubing ...
Depending on the activity, it is important to schedule. See more details about them in the link of the radius (Activities).

What can we do on rainy days? If it rains I change the date?

We work with nature tourism, observation, awareness, and for us the nature is beautiful in any weather condition. With rain, the green is greener, there is a very special smell in the woods and, in our experience, it never rains all day. It can rain two hours strong, but then gives a truce 1 hour, where we take to put raincoats and walk a bit. And in the woods, the rain never falls hard as always touches the leaves before. We short trails in these conditions, near the structure, or the inn or park for a conch catch us in return, we are already rapidly sheltered. We have wonderful reviews from customers who have found other sensations to experience the natural environment in situations like this, where we take the staff of your comfort zone and challenges. Also, on rainy days, for our privileged position (along the walls), we have a show of waterfalls right in front of the inn. Stunning scenery that a sunny day does not allow (pictured above). Activities such as abseiling and tubing are also welcome on humid days because people would have to get wet anyway.
About reservation changes, please browse the Documentation link in Tariff.

You can close the inn for my family? For the group of my company?

Yes it is possible. Request a special budget. We accommodate up to 35 people peacefully. And we include a series of programs that will make your stay unforgettable.

Can I bring my pet?

Love animals! Typically, for those who have pet, this is a member of our family. Someone who is in our company at all times, the animals become part of our life and routine. We have to feed them, take a walk, birthdays and family events they are there, and bathed with their bows the head, interacting with everyone. And our children, have to be careful with animals, and unlike the children growing and mostly over the years become less dependent, with pets does not happen the same. The care and responsibilities are listed. So sometimes when we should take a vacation from all our responsibilities, forget the watches, the news of the world, escaping the big city, think only of "NOTHING!". As a result, we offer our guests when they come to stay, if the maximum release of their responsibilities and worries, come here, enjoy maximum contact with nature. Experiencing the experiences that we put aside in this busy world we live. Let your emails, phone calls, pending on standby, awaiting his return. Previously we accepted animals in our hostel, now no more. As I said, they need attention, differentiated food, and also their droppings must be cleaned. With that the guests ended up forgetting the true purpose of the Refuge, which is indeed retire and spend even just one worry free day.

Working in Ecological Refuge, near a National Park, sounds like fun. How could I learn more about it and possibly ask for a job?

Working in Refúgio Ecológico can be a great experience for people of all ages. Send your resume to annual or temporary work and part of the history of protection and preservation of the canyon Malacara:

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