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Discover the corners of Refúgio!

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The Refúgio Ecológico Pedra Afiada is a private conservation area of ​​natural surroundings at the Serra Geral National Park.
Our 32 hectares of land serve as a shelter for hundreds of species of the Atlantic Forest Biome, which are cataloging.
For decades, this location was explored and lots of hardwood removed from our canyon, giving way to grasslands and scaring away wildlife. Today we are reversing, with hard work and dedication, this table.
Your participation is important for the continuity of our Refuge.

Get to know a bit of what you will see in loco!

1. Reception and Resto  
2. Bungalow Colibri;
3. Cabana da Família;
4. Cabana da Mata;
5. Choupana Saíra-Preciosa;
6. Choupana Saí Azul;
7. Chalé do Penhasco;
8. Casarão Jaguarundi;
9. Watching Tower
10. Zipline; 
11. Luau Area; 
12. Garden track circuit - Start Point; 
13. Parking; 
14. Home Team; 
15. Storeroom of quads; 
16. Sauna and hammocks; 
17. Kids Arvorismo Mini ; 
18. The BBQ Deck; 
19. SPA Sara & Sara; 
20. Horta and composting; 
21.  Solar collector; 
22. Access to the river; 
23. Trail upper circuit; 
24. Other tracks; (With authoritative guide only)