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  • Ponte Tirolesa

Malacara Canyon Pools, the National Park Serra Geral

  • Trilha Poço do Malacara

Duration: 2-3 hours

Level: Moderate

Route / terrain: Walk in river by stone bed. They are just 2 km (round trip) but you walk in zig-zag, extending the route. It begins from a short walk from Refugio Pedra Afiada.

  • Trilha Poço do Malacara

Attractive: Bed of multicolored stones, view of the high basalt cliffs, Atlantic forest and natural pools within the Serra Geral National Park.

1. Watering tennis as there are crossing the river;
2. Refreshing swim in the pools at the end of the trail;

  • Mergulho Poço Malacara

3. Do not wearsandals because the stones hurt the side of the foot;

4. Children are welcome!

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Quads (ATV)

  • Quadriciclo

Course: Up to 6 kms

Duration: 1 hour + initial training 10 to 15 min

Level: Easy

Route: Refuge Output vehicle ATV 150 cc automatic easy direction. Tour of local roads without movement, river crossings and bridges, rough terrain with ascents and descents.

  • ATV Cânion Indios


Located in the surrounding area of ​​the Serra Geral National Park, the four-wheeled ride is done in amazing Canyons Malacara Canyon and Indian Crowborough. See longer tours of 3:06 hours to other attractions such as canyon Churriado.

  • Quadriciclo - Pedra Afiada 2012 - João Paulo Lucena -8001


1. We offer helmet and clothing p / rain;

2. Instructor full-time;

3. Bathing in the river, where possible;

4. Use closed shoes (sneakers or boots);

5. Includes insurance;

Itaimbézinho and Indians Canyons

  • Itaimbé (3)

Vehicle route: REPA output in vehicle - 26 kms of land (16 in Sierra) to the Guardhouse Gralha Blue (1 h).

Walking route / Land: Walk through the canyon rim (6 kms). Vertex tracks - partially sidewalk - and Elbow (old road) in Canyon Itaimbézinho and by Cima da Serra fields at Canyon Indios Crowborough.

  • Itaimbezinho

Attractions: One of the most beautiful canyons of Brazil. Tracks Vertex and Elbow Canyon in Itaimbézinho. Vision Waterfalls Bridal Veil and Swallows. In return, short walk to the amazing Canyon Indians Crowborough. Overview of the escarpment and coastal plains spotting too canyons. important position to understand the geological formation of the area.

  • Canion Indios Coroados

Duration: Full day (9 am the output and return the 17 pm)


1. Includes trail snack;

2. Bring raincoat or anorak (prescription and is + cold);

3. Do not allow bath.

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Rappelling in Platform

  • Plataforma do Rappel

Duration: 2-3 hours

Level: Easy brave

Route: Refuge output walk - 1.5 km on track (25 min) for forest regeneration, the last downhill stretch. Return the bottom of the waterfall.

  • Rapel Pedra Afiada


Adventure activity that uses equipment and climbing techniques to descend a waterfall of 25 mts, called Oz, or the wall of 30 meters next to (platform). beautiful view of the valley and forest. We operate in the Safety Management System, and obtained in 2010 the certification ABNT / Inmetro 15,331

  • Rapel Pedra Afiada


1. Includes pre-activity-site training;

2. From 4 years old;

3. Possible to perform with rain and fog;

4. Tennis go It should be, they carry water.


  • Tirolesa

Duration: 30 min to 1 h - depending on the number of people (Lasts descent approx 30 sec)

Level: Easy brave

Route: Short walk - inside Pedra Afiada area

  • Daniel lançando tirolesa


The main feature of our zipline is speed. It is 250 meters down, and the last 80 meters, reached 60 km / h !!! Pure adrenaline!

$ 25 for guests and R $ 35 for visitors

  • Tirolesa Pedra Afiada


1. Not recommended for those with heart problems and those with 100 or + kgs;

2. It can be done within the Combo Canopy;

3. Special equipment for children. They love it!