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SGS - Security Management

Your safety, our concern

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The term safety management in recent years has become a real concern Adventure tourism operators in Brazil. The process of best practices has emerged with the creation of Technical Standards for specific adventure that will be the basis for the certification process of conducting business and activities. The Brazil will have a Security Certificate to certify that if a company follows safety procedures based on Technical Standards. This certification will include support for accreditation by INMETRO.
The Australian Government, through the Ministry of Tourism, made their bets in the segment in 2003 through the creation of specific technical standards for adventure tourism activities. Aiming at the safe and responsible operation, the Ministry of Tourism was beyond creating the Safe Adventure Program, an internationally recognized initiative and with the participation of Sebrae. The program has been implemented since December 2005 by Brazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism - ABETA, which the Refúgio Ecológico Pedra Afiada is associated since August 2008.
However, since May 2005, the Refúgio Ecológico Pedra Afiada has been participating in activities of the Ministry of Tourism to qualify destinations and businesses in this segment. This year the director Ana Cláudia Aveline traveled to Costa Rica within the Benchmarking program - Excellence in Tourism, to observe the practice in this country is an international reference in managing their private reserves, lodges (B) the nature and ecotourism, along with other 11 Brazilian businessmen contemplated.
Also the director Jean Pierre Perrot was one of those chosen for another trip within this program, this time to New Zealand, an international benchmark in Adventure Tourism Management and Security.
Several actions were quickly deployed in Stone Sharp and multiplied through lectures to hundreds of people, as the program previously defined.
In November 2010, the Refúgio Ecológico Pedra Afiada has been certified by the ABNT standard 15331 (Security Management System) activities in rappelling, ascending the giant fig tree wires. Our team of guides went through the certification process that took more than two years. In it, we developed an EAP (Emergency Action Plan) to act in case of accidents and incidents. The team is constantly undergoing courses and refresher. The scope of our safety management system is in the social hall next to the photo albums of activities.
Take a look, it's worth seeing how we're thinking about all the details so your adventure is as much safe as possible!

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