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  • Circuito tirolesa

Zipline Circuit

  • Circuito Tirolesa
  • Circuito Tirolesa

Length: 2 to 3 hours (depends on the number of people)
Level: Easy brave.
Route: Pedra Afiada short walk - 1.5 km on track (25 min) for forest regeneration, the last downhill stretch. Return the bottom of the waterfall.
Attractive: 5 Tyrolean sequence Jaguar´s Valley Waterfall, crossing over the waterfall with natural swimming pools and the coast.Experience this spectacular bird flight!
1.From 6 years old;
two.Possible to accomplish with rain and fog;
3.Tennis One must go, bring water.

To see the video of 46 seconds of this circuit, click on the photo below, and on the small screen Youtube, choose HD quality option for better image!

  • Circuito Tirolesa

Huge rise to Figueira

  • Ascensão a Figueira Pedra Afiada
  • Ascensão a Figueira
  • Figueira escada de corda

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Level: Easy Bold
Route: Depart walk - 2 km on track (30 min) up the hill (forest regeneration). Return by the same ground.
Attractive: We climbed on a platform 16 meters high in the canopy of a century-old fig tree. We ascension using the technique of minimal force with the aid of the lift and rope ladder. Have the descent is the technique of rappelling. Simply indescribable the feeling of interaction with nature!
1 big bird.;
. 2 One should go for shoes;
3 Bring water.;
4. Special equipment for children.

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  • Plataforma figueira

Combo Canopy

  • Ascensao a figueira - descida senior

Canopy is the English word for canopy trees. Combo is a combination of three activities we do on top of the canopy of our kills: rappelling, ascending the fig wires!
Come and have a vision of bird and spend a day on 'high' adrenaline!
Includes: 1 descent rappel platform fig 1 + rise + fall 1 zipline

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  • Rapel cachoeira da Onça
  • Tirolesa freio

Waterfall Ounce

  • Onça - Foto Germano Preichardt - 0390

Extension; 1.5 kms
Duration: 1 to 1:30 pm
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Walk by Atlantic forest, regenerating.
Attractive: Waterfall 25 meters height, lateral aspect of the canyon Malacara. Bath, waterfall and waterslide.
1 Lot slippery.;
. Enables 2 bath;
. 3 Suitable for children having their first contact with the natural environment;
4. The waterfall is where we do the cascade (rappelling). View VERTICAL.

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  • Banho cachoeira inverno

River Trail Ox - Canyon Itaimbézinho

  • Rio do Boi

Route: Exit Refuge in vehicle -15 km of land (20 min) to the Guardhouse Park. Hike through the bedrock of the Boi River with several river crossings - 10 km. Vehicle return the same way.
Attractive: Walk into the canyon Itaimbézinho - PN Aparados Sierra. Crossing rivers, waterfalls, natural pools and water slides. Unique vision of being among the cliffs 700 meters high. Excellent choice for hot days.
. 1 Bring towel;
. 2 Bring dry clothes (to leave the vehicle);
3 Going with shoes or boot with non-slip soles (will get wet).;
4. Includes snack track;
. 5 Check the condition of the road if you go with your car;
Duration: St. 6-7 pm.
Level: Moderate Expert. It is one of the hikes that require more physical fitness and endurance.

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  • Rio do Boi 4

1. Bring towel;
2. Bring dry clothes (to leave the vehicle);
3. Go with tennis or gaiter with non-slip soles (will wet);
4. Includes trail snack;
5. You should carry identity and fill Term ICMBio;

Level: Moderate Experienced. It is one of the walks that require more physical fitness and endurance.

White Stone Summit Walk-climbing  

  • Pedra Branca (6)

Duration: 4 to 5 hours, and 3 on trail.

Level: Experienced.

• Route: Leaving from the Refugio with vehicle - 30 km on dirty road (1hour). Steep hike to the hill where the Stone is found (2 to 2:30 hour of uphill walk-climbing and 1:30 hour descent). Return with vehicle by the same road.
Attractions: Basalt monolith on 820 meters of altitude in the Mampituba Valley. Walk - climbing to the summit. Ascending of 500 meters through bush and open field. Amazing view of the Mampituba River spring.

  • Pedra Branca5

1. Includes sandwich and snack;
2. Allows bathing in the river
3. Take your sunscreen, enough water, hat, Anorak or rain cover.
4. Don’t need climbing experience, but conditioning;
5. Sight of an old, black slave community;
6. Excellent trail for dry and cold days.

Fortaleza canyon

  • Parque Nacional Serra Geral

• Route: Leaving from the Refugio with vehicle - 60 km on dirty road (16 km of them, uphill - total 2:30 hour) to the Fortaleza Canyon. Walk next to the canyon cliffs, fields, river crossing - 4km. Return with vehicle by the same road.
• Attractions: Localized in the Serra Geral National Park, it’s considered one of the most beautiful and impressive of the canyons. Walks to the main points: Sphinx, Black Tiger Waterfall, and the Secret Stone. Includes picnic by the canyon (option with the Lodge’s transportation). Altitude: 1.112meters above sea level.

  • Cânion Fortaleza

1. Allows bathing in the river;
2. Visits the town of Cambará do Sul: handcrafts, colonial products, main square and Cultural Center;
3. Take rain coat or Anorak (windy and colder up there);
4. Extra pair of clothes to leave in the car.

Waterfall Borges

  • Piscina natural Camping Cachoeira dos Borges

Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Level: Easy to Moderate.

Route: Leaving from the Refugio with vehicle - 60km on dirty road (40 min). 30min walk to the waterfall in Atlantic Forest and gently winding trail.

Attractive: Beautiful drop of water embedded in remnants of Atlantic Forest.

  • cachoeira 70 mts

Track about 30 minutes to the base of the waterfall with obstacles like climbs, descents, fallen trees, and final stretch of rocks. Delicious bath in the waterfall!


1. Bring towel and dry clothes;
2. Go with tennis or gaiter with non-slip soles (can water or bog)
3. Possible cause fog and rain;

Click HERE for more photos.

Water Toboggan

  • Toboágua infantil

Duration: 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of participants.
Attractive: Descent in inflatable boat in two natural slides, ending in natural pool where there is a small water fall. Special activity for children.

  • Toboágua infantil

1. Ages: from 4 to 16 years old
2. Maximum 2 kids per boat
3. Only happens after heavy rain
4. Must wear tennis shoes.


  • Bóia rio malacara

Duration: 1 to 2 hours (depending on the speed of the water)
Level: Sportsman
Attractive: For the Acquaride, it is used individual rubber tubes with special handles. This activity demands physic strength and can be done only after heavy rains.

  • Bóia-cross 3JAN2011 (3)

Includes: Instructor, equipment (wetsuit, life jacket, helmet) and insurance.

1. It can cause minor abrasions and bruises.
2. Children are allowed only with the lower river, from 12 years.
3. Must wear tennis shoes (will get wet)

4. Option to river Peacock / Mampituba and duck (boats for 2 people) - check.

City Cultural tour bike - Praia Grande SC

  • Bikes rio Malacara

Duration: Around 2 hours.

Level: Easy brave.

Route: Leaving Pedra Afiada by bike on local roads around 5 km.

Attractions: Bicycle Activity in the surrounding area Serra Geral National Park.
With a privileged view of the canyons Crowned Indians, Wets Côco and Malacara.

  • Gruta

Visit the hole carved by the ancient Indians of the region and village with over 120 years dating tropeirismo time (with crafts).

1. Includes guide, bike, helmet and insurance;
2. From 15 years of age;
3. Bring cash if you want to buy something in the city;
4. Tennis go It should be, bring water, sunscreen and rain gear;

Cycling AVENTURA Canyon of Churriado

  • Bike arrozais

Duration: 6 hours Level: Experienced requires physical fitness and strength

Leaving Pedra Afiada by bike on local roads around 25 km to the canyon Churriado.

Bicycle activity in the surrounding area of the Serra Geral National Park. privileged view of the canyons Crowborough Indians, Wets Côco, Malacara and

  • Bikes ponte pensil rio Malacara

Churriado. Technical stretches of descent and ascent and cross the rivers Três Irmãos and Malacara.


1. Includes guide, bike, helmet and insurance;
2. From 15 years of age;
3. Includes trail snack;
4. Tennis go It should be, they carry water.
5. Sunscreen and raincoat;

6. Also just rent a bike without tour.

Circuito Poço Encantado (Mini-Canyonismo)

  • Poço Encantado (2)

Duration: 3 to 4 pm
Level: Moderate
Route: Trekking the rainforest. Walking by with riverbed crossing well with ex-Stone Sharp headquarters. Rappelling on the platform. Attractive: Bathing in natural pools and waterfalls, coastal views, technique canyonismo (abseiling).
1. Watering entire outfit (use of neoprene in winter),
2. Slippery Lot.

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  • Cachoeira criança